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Dream Vacation Homes in Orlando

Disney World in Orlando, Florida

What to Pack For Your Disney World Trip In Orlando

Are you planning a trip to Disney World? Here’s everything you need to pack for your trip!

Statues of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse at Disney World

A Guide on Visiting Disney World in Orlando

With a visitor average of 1.7 million people annually, Walt Disney World is one of the most visited places in the US. Opened in 1971, Disney World is a recreational resort with a number of entertainment activities like their fan-favorite splash mountain rides and magic theater plays. The resort has attracted visitors ever since it…
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Statues of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse at Disney World

Top 5 Tips for Preparing to Visit Disney World with Kids

Magical for both the young and the young at heart, Disney World is the ultimate vacation spot for the whole family. When it comes to visiting Disney World, everyone wants to make the most out of every minute and every dollar. However, with your kids in tow, it may be a challenging task. It’s crucial…
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Statues of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse at Disney World

8 Ways to Have a Budget-Friendly Vacation in Orlando

Although most of us prefer to have a handsome budget for any vacation with the family, it doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. Despite what media influencers might have you believe, there are plenty of ways to have all the fun at any destination without going over your budget. Staying within a set budget…
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tourists visit the Disney castle at Disney World

Traveling to Disney World Post COVID-19: All You Need to Know

After a long wait, we’re finally traveling again, and Disney World is on top of our list. But the pandemic has changed the way we do everything (including travel). You might want to know what to expect  before you travel to Disney World in Orlando after the pandemic. Here’s a guide for you that covers…
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Electrical parade at the Hollywood Studios

The Ultimate Guide to Disney’s Hollywood Studios In 2021!

The Walt Disney World Resort is a major tourist attraction near Orlando. If you’re keen on visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2021, book a plane ticket to Orlando right away. Our short-term vacation rentals and holiday homes near Disney are perfect for staying as you embark on Disney adventures at the Hollywood Studios. The pandemic…
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two people riding a cable car in Orlando

4 Things to Avoid at Disney World If You’re Afraid of Heights

While Disney world doesn’t have extremely high roller coasters like many other theme parks do, they do have several rides and places to be careful of or avoid if you are deathly afraid of heights. You probably know of a few attractions to avoid, but we’ve got a few unexpected things on this list, so…
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A beautiful landscape shot of downtown Orlando in the evening

Tips For The Perfect Spring Break At Disney World In 2021!

Spring season is the perfect time to get away from it all and plan a classic family vacation to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Orlando, Florida, is one of the top destinations for the spring break holiday trip in the United States. Not only is it easily accessible by car, but it…
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Micky and Minnie Mouse shaped bushes in Christmas outfits.

3 Clever Tips & Tricks for Packing for A Trip to Disney World

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on the travel industry, and there’s no denying that it’s going to change the way we travel—possibly forever. Many cities have now lifted their travel restrictions, and the government has allowed a few public places to remain open, including Disney World. If you plan to take a trip to…
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stay in Orlando vacation home near Disney

6 Things You Can Do In Orlando Apart From Visiting Disney Parks

Every time you’re in Orlando, a trip to Disneyland or Disney World comes to mind. Let’s change up the itinerary this time and talk about some other tourist attractions that you can visit in Orlando while staying at the most luxurious vacation homes near Disney! 1.     Icon Park Orlando Home to many shops, restaurants, play…
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