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10 Hidden Gems in Orlando, Florida

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It is no secret that Orlando is the tourism capital of Florida, and for the right reasons. The city has numerous sites and attractions for people of all ages and tastes.

From its restaurants and resorts to theme parks, every place makes the city a true tourism haven.

Although most tourists visit the city for world-renowned attractions like Disney World, Orlando is home to some hidden gems as well. These places are rarely mentioned in your typical guidebooks, which makes them special to many.

Get in touch with the city locals at Blue Travel, who can help you guide better for your next vacation in Orlando and get you the ultimate Orlando vacation home closer to all the sites you want to see.

Here are a few hidden gems in the city of Orlando that are worth visiting on your next vacation.

1. Escape Rooms

If you are a young tourist looking to do something unique in Orlando, then escape game rooms are a must-visit for you.

For anyone who loves to play games, find clues, and solve puzzles, these escape room games are the ultimate idea of fun. Escapology, The Great Escape Room, America’s Escape Game, and The Escape Company are some places worth visiting.

If you are visiting the city with a couple of friends, make sure to book a vacation home in Orlando to get the best value for money, compared to a hotel room.

2. Bicycle Tours

If you wish to explore the true natural roots of Orlando and get in touch with the local attractions, a bicycle ride might be the best way to do so.

Celebration Bike Rental and Bicycle Tours is a company based in Kissimmee and where you can get rental bikes. Ride around the city, explore the downtown area and Orlando’s historic architecture with your friends or family.

To find Vacation homes in Kissimmee, visit Blue Travel and stay close to the most beautiful sites of Orlando.

3. Video Games

True players never lose their love for video games, no matter their age.  Player 1 Video Game Bar is the place to be for video gamers of every era. In this place, you will find the console for every game, no matter how old or new the game might be.

The place also offers a variety of arcade games. And when you get done playing, you can enjoy some of their exquisite collection of wines and beers.

4. Hang gliding

For hang gliding enthusiasts, Orlando offers an exciting aero towing experience at Wallaby Ranch. With the help of their specially designed tow planes, gliders can see Florida from an incredible height of 2000 feet up in the air.

Depending on how adventurous you are feeling, they can also offer you the self-controlled option of gliding.

The adventure company provides its visitors safe ways to explore the city from high above and should be a must-visit for every adventurous Orlando tourist.  

5. President’s Hall of fame

For those of you who take special interest in the presidential history of America, the President’s Hall of fame is the ideal place for exhibition.

This place has been called “a national treasure” by former American president Ronald Reagan.

The hall of fame took more than 500,000 man-hours to build and is an absolute masterpiece. With a 60 feet long, hand-made model of the White House, this place is sure to have you in awe.

6. Kayaking adventures

For many nature-loving adventurers, kayaking is the perfect idea of enjoyment. There is no better way to explore the beautiful wildlife and scenery of Orlando than by floating downside the cypress forest.

Here, you will encounter varieties of water birds, turtles, and even alligators.

These adventures await you at just a 20 minutes distance from Disney World. Book one of our luxurious vacation homes close to Disney with Blue Travel and have the experience of a lifetime in Orlando.

7. Camping Trip or picnics

Kelly Park Rock Springs is an extensive natural trail filled with the natural beauty of springs, trees, and animals.

The picturesque camping site in this park is the favorite camping spot for many outdoor enthusiasts in the region.

Aside from camping, this site is also perfect for trekking, canoeing, tubing, kayaking, or even a picnic. If you are visiting the area with your family or friends, don’t miss a visit to this beautiful park, filled with natural wonders.

8. The Historic Districts

Unknown to most tourists, Orlando is home to many cultural and historic areas. The Milk District and Church Street are some of the oldest places in the city and are rich with cultural history.

The milk district is where the very first milk shops of the city existed more than a century ago. Today, you can find street art, artisanal cafes, bars, restaurants, and antique shops in the heart of this Milk District.

Church Street holds the most significance when it comes to the historical districts of Orlando. The city essentially developed into its modern form around the Railroad Station in Church Street.

Visit this area when you explore the old architecture of Orlando and see for yourself why the National Register of Historic Places holds a record of this district.

9. Hanson’s Shoe Repair

Many of you might get confused by the name, but this place is essentially much more than a shoe repair shop. It is locally known as one of the most famous speakeasies of its time.

Here you can find an amazing selection of cocktails, but check out their Twitter account first to acquire entry into this exclusive bar.

10. Jack Kerouac’s house

Any fans of travel writing have likely heard of Jack Kerouac and his work. This house holds great sentimental value for his fans as the manuscript for Dharma Buns was written by Jack Kerouac in this very house.

This house has become a site for writers’ retreats, and fans are most welcome for a quick visit to the place.

To find Vacation homes in Kissimmee, visit Blue Travel and stay close to the most beautiful sites of Orlando.

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