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6 Winter Outfits You Should Try on Your Trip to Disney World

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Two girls laughing at Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando

Everyone wants to go to Disney World; if you say you don’t, we know you are just being dishonest with yourself. Who wouldn’t want to go?

There are theme parks, water slides, and practically a dozen different ways to have fun – it is practically the happiest place on Earth.

A lot of excitement and nerves await anyone who makes the trip to Disney World, and for all the right reasons.

Disney World In Winter

If you have planned that vacation to Disney World, we suggest you do it in winter. Winter is the best time to visit the magical world of Disney for many reasons.

One of the major ones is that there are fewer crowds, so it would be easier for you to navigate and have the best trip without being stuck in long lines.

The temperature would be perfect for you to flaunt all those cute winter outfits without having to freeze – and you can even enjoy all the special holiday decorations that make Disney World look ten times more fascinating in winter.

Winter Outfits You Should Try

So, considering you are now going to Disney World in winter, we are sure you would like to have your outfit game on point. Let us help you out there and give you some suggestions on all the chic and comfy outfits you can try out!

1. Denim on Denim

Yes, no? Hear us out! Denim on denim is a controversial choice for many, but believe us; it would look great on you in Disney World. Take out your favorite worn-out sneakers for this look, and you are good to go!

You can pair your mom jeans with a cropped denim jacket for a chic look, whether you are going to go for the rides or are just sitting somewhere for dinner – denim on denim will not disappoint!

1. Long Coat + Co-ord Set

Co-ords are all the rage right now – and for all the right reasons! They are comfy, laid back, yet stylish.

There are dozens of options to choose from – you could go for prints or plain – all depending on the link you want to go for. Pair your co-ord set with a long coat and comfortable sneakers – and there is your outfit for a fun-filled day at the Magic Kingdom.

2. Light Cardigan + Basic Tee

When you are visiting Disney World, you would like to be comfortable – but let’s be honest, you also want to look good for those pictures you’re going to look at forever!

You can easily do both because winter is all about layering up – and there is so much comfort in layers. Pair your favorite pair of baggy jeans and a basic tee with a cardigan – that you can wear or tie around your waist, your choice! A look that can never go wrong.

3. Leather Pants + Sweater

Everyone has a love-hate relationship with leather pants, but what if we told you this could just be a love-love relationship in winter? Leather pants can look great if you know how to wear them – and pair them up.

So, don’t hesitate to get those skinny leather pants next time because you are going to want to wear them to your trip to Disney World with a loose and oversized sweater.

See what colors you can go for, and you’d have a cute outfit that you can pair with some skinny boots, sneakers, or whatever you like!

1. Joggers + Teddy Coat

There is nothing comfier (and practical) than wearing joggers to Disney World, so let’s take a moment to thank all the fashion gods for making joggers cool again (we always thought they were cool, FYI).

So, one of our favorite outfit picks is a cute terry coat, jeans or tights, and your favorite joggers. You will be comfy and look super cute at the same time!

2. Oversized Jumper + Boots

We all love our jumpers in winter – and oversized jumpers feel like you’re snuggling your blanket, even though you are just standing on the street somewhere.

One thing an oversized jumper looks great with could be boots – this outfit is also totally practical and chic, and it depends on you how you’d want to style it. Add cute accessories, and you can take your outfit from 0 to 10 with little effort.

Trip Preparations

Now that we have all the cute outfits down – and there are many, you need to be a little more prepared than just picking out the outfits. To have a good trip, you know that you have to keep all your preparations in check.

There is a lot you need to do before planning that trip to Disney World because chances are, you are going to be having the trip of a lifetime.

SO before you get on with packing your bags and putting all these cute outfits in them – we suggest you get yourself prepared for the stay in Orlando.

The best thing you can do for yourself is pick out a place to stay before you get there, so you don’t have to worry about accommodation after reaching.

Look for a vacation home close to Disney, so there is no trouble going back and forth because, believe us, you will not go to Disney World for just a day. Vacation homes are generally a better option than hotels because they are luxurious, have great amenities, and have the perfect homey feeling.

If you are looking to book a vacation home in Orlando for your trip to Disney World, go check out the amazing resorts, villas, and vacation homes that we have here at Go Blue Travel.

If you want to enjoy your stay in the comfort of luxurious home, you can reach out to us, and we will help you decide on a villa or resort according to your needs!

Believe us, you won’t be disappointed with your stay in Orlando and would want to come back again next year.

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