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5 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Vacation in Orlando, FL

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If years of advocacy regarding climate change, visible differences in the environment, and the damaging effects of pollution weren’t enough to make us rethink our choices and decisions, the outbreak of a terrifying new pandemic might!

It’s difficult to grasp these changing realities, but we must step up and embrace eco-friendly alternatives. Anything can be made better, even your luxury vacation in Orlando, FL!

Wondering how it’s possible to be more environmentally friendly and still have the time of your life on vacation? These tips will help:

1.     Greener transportation

A single hour of land transport reduces your carbon emissions by a ton. Flights with multiple layovers and stops, also release more carbon. This means air travel has a serious impact on the environment.

A great alternative, especially since you’re most likely on a family or friend vacation, is to carpool. Save on space, reduce the number of tickets and air travel, and make a road trip out of it! It’s the best way to kickstart your trip.

2.     Walk more on your vacation

When you’re thinking of ways to get around, your best bet is to walk. Not only does this give you a chance to become familiar with the area, but it also allows you to explore more, take in sights and sounds, stay healthier, and fitter while enjoying all the vacation food! Walking also keeps your carbon footprint down, and given that most of Orlando is walking-friendly, you can explore major tourist sites on foot easily.

3.     Make your accommodation greener

While we do our best to keep our houses well-maintained and our appliances functional, it’s important that guests also play their part. You can do so by preserving water in the shower, reducing waste, shutting lights off to minimize power usage, and not tossing out linen and towels unnecessarily. Although we have a cleaning and laundry schedule, the greater the load, the more the impact will be.

4.     Reduce your use of single-use disposable plastics

Invest in high-quality, insulated water bottles and lunch boxes where you can pack water, beverages, and snacks that you’ll be taking with you. Whether it’s potato chips or granola, family packs mean less packaging than individual packs, so you can also share them. Reusable cutlery that’s travel friendly and metal straws are also perfect for when you’re on the go. Be sure not to litter or carry a small bag where you collect trash and recycle it afterward.

5.     Visit eco-friendly attractions

Apart from heading to the same old parks and attractions, you can also visit a lot of the such as swamps, national parks, lakes, etc. the revenue they generate through tourism greener tourist sites can help sustain much of the wildlife in these places. Know where your dollars go!

Every effort counts, and we’d love to help you make the most of your time here. Book one of our luxury vacation rentals in Orlando and save energy through shared accommodation and services! Contact us to know more.

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