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How to Make a Vacation Budget—and Stick to It

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Unless you’re a Kardashian-Jenner or a millionaire with tons of disposable income, you need a vacation budget if you’re not looking forward to being broke or indebted by the end of your trip.

Even on a strict budget, you can still have the time of your life, go on an incredible luxury vacation in Orlando, FL, and do so much! It just takes some planning.

Making a budget can be overwhelming and stressful; you never know if you’ve got it down accurately and how much you’re looking to really spend, what you’ll be forgoing, and how far you’ll be overspending.

So how do you make the perfect vacation budget—and not exceed it?

Get everyone who’s going on board

This is important for group vacations, be it with friends or family. Who’s going, and what’s everyone’s spending capacity and budget like?

You can’t plan without a general consensus about the amount, especially when you know not everyone can afford the same things.

This will determine major variables like length of the vacation, activities, travel, and much more, so it’s not avoidable.

Plan well ahead of time through research

Research budget-friendly options such as restaurants, local transport, and attractions an nd anything that helps you secure the best deals.

This can help you decide when to travel too, such as off-season vs. peak season rates for airfare might vary. Cover all your bases through intense research about your travel destination.

Confirm the non-negotiables

What are things none of you are willing to compromise on? Is it a trip to Disney World, or is it trying every burger in town?

Is it something minor like the exact number of bags per person or major like the accommodation? You need to be on the same page about this because it’s likely to come up.

Choosing the right accommodation and local transport can help you cut back on a lot of excessive spending. Shared accommodation is perfect for larger groups!

Decide how costs are being split

Are they being split equally? Is each person paying for themselves? Are you going by the number of family members per family?

The way costs are split will also help individuals budget the rest of their expenses. If two members handle accommodation, others could pay for food, so on and so forth.

Take turns cooking your own food

Speaking of food, a great way to save on vacation is by cooking your own food.

Since food makes for a large chunk of the cost, and you have access to fully furnished, fully functional kitchens at our vacation homes, you can easily cook here.

Stock up on groceries, and since it’s a vacation, everyone can participate in the cooking—split chores among family members.

Decide what to splurge on

Splurging is inevitable; maybe you saw some great souvenirs, or a dress you must have, or wanted a fancy bottle of wine.

Everyone has something they want; it’s only human. What matters is that your account and set money aside instead of depriving yourself and loved ones.

Budgeting is challenging but not impossible. You can make the most of your trip with our luxury rental homes that come with amenities like pools, Wi-Fi, convenient locations, fully functional and furnished rooms, and kitchens.

Reach out to us to book the perfect spot, and relax knowing it’s money well spent—and saved.

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