Whether you’re looking to visit on business, with the family or a group of friends, continue reading to discover why it’s well worth you consider renting a vacation home in Orlando.

Five key benefits of renting a vacation home:

1. You’ll have more space than you would in a hotel room

If you choose to stay in a traditional hotel or resort, you may have to share a room with your friends or family members. For the same price that you’d pay for a hotel room for a week, you’ll be able to rent a vacation home which boasts multiple bedrooms. As well as a separate lounge and dining area. Many rental properties also boast a deck or patio, where you sit back and relax with a gripping book.

2. You’ll be able to save money by dining in

Whilst dining out can be an enjoyable experience, if you’re traveling as part as a family or a group of friends, you may be able to make your vacation budget stretch further by cooking the occasional dinner in the kitchen of your rental property. Alternatively, as most vacation homes boast dining tables, you’ll also be able to order take out from a selection of local restaurants.

3. All vacation homes at Blue Travel includes a private pool

There’s nothing having the kids splash around while grilling out by your very own pool. If you’re looking for the perfect way to cool down after a day exploring one of Orlando’s many theme parks, you’ll be able to take a refreshing dip in your very own pool. You won’t need to share a community pool, all the vacation homes include a private plunge pool or a spa.

4. Some vacation rentals are part of luxury complexes which boast a wide array of amenities and facilities.

Some complexes offer a wide variety of recreational facilities such as fully equipped gymnasiums, flood lit tennis courts and children’s playgrounds. Some complexes even offer on-site cafes and restaurants, where you’ll be able to enjoy a family dinner or a romantic dinner. A few complexes even offer free shuttles to Disney World and Universal Studios.

5. You’ll be able to treat yourself to a shopping spree, or to a few extra activities, with the money that you save.

If you choose to book a vacation rental, instead of booking a hotel or resort, you’ll be able to save yourself several hundred dollars. Which you’ll be able to use to book extra tourist activities or to treat yourself to a few souvenirs. Alternatively, you may want to spend a few extra days exploring Orlando.

So, if you’re seriously considering organizing a trip to Orlando, Florida and don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on an expensive hotel room, it’s well worth renting a vacation rental. As a bonus, the longer you choose to stay, the lower your nightly rate will be!