Visiting the city that harbors the magic of Disney World does not mean that this should be your only destination. Besides the moments of adventure and fun, you can enjoy incredible days of leisure and exploration in Orlando’s natural parks.

The city that receives the most tourists in Florida is full of natural beauty, so there are many reserves and parks that house the most beautiful scenery and have incredible green areas, extensive lakes, trails and more.

Orlando Natural Parks

Wekiwa Springs State Park Reservation


kewika-park-entrance.jpgWekiwa Spring is one of Orlando's most sought after natural parks. The preservation of the greenery and beauty of the crystal clear lake is what makes it so special. There, you can swim or rent kayaks and canoes to enjoy the lake, as well as a beautiful spring. There are spaces for picnicking, barbecuing, and even hiking or some sport on the courts.

The entry to the park is paid, and it usually gets full so it's good to arrive early enough to secure a spot since there is a limit of visitors per day.

Lake Eola Park Orlando

lake-eola-orlando.jpgLake Eola also presents a super-preserved natural setting. The lake attracting the most attention due to its incredible beauty. At certain times, located in the center of the lake, jets are turned on and a set of shapes and colors brighten the place even more.

Anyone who wants can also do trails, running, hiking and picnicking. In addition, there are also pedal boats to have an even closer contact with the beautiful lake. And best of all, admission is free.

Bill Frederick Park at Lake Orlando

BillFrederick.jpgThe Bill Frederick Park on Turkey Lake is one of Orlando's most beautiful natural parks. This park takes up a giant 120 acres of parkland and nature reserve. There you can enjoy an incredible lake with fish, picnics, trails, races and games. In addition, you can enjoy a small zoo in the area that has small animals of various species. There is an entrance fee to enter the park.

These are just a few of the Orlando natural parks options that you can get to know. So, when you visit our city, don't get stuck at the Disney parks, make room in your calendar for the other beauties that Orlando has to offer.

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